Gun Control: Pros and Cons Explained     

                              By: Cody White

          The second amendment, it is slowly weaved its ways into becoming one of the most controversial laws in America. There are people who look at the second amendment as one of the core values of America. While there is other who view it as a law that has allowed psychopathic murders to kill innocent men, women, and children.  


libertarian Party

Gary Johnson 

Bill Weld 





       The Libertarian Party: A Better Choice for America?? 
                                            By: Cody white  
        As many Americans stare down the enviable abyss that their only two options are the bigoted out of touch “Billionaire” Donald J. Trump or the un-trustable artificial Hilary Rhodium Clinton. This fact has left many voters desperately looking for a third or even a fourth option. This frantic search has lead many American to the libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and his VP pick former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. 

Candidates For 2016

Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton

Tim Kaine 



Green Party

Jill Stein 

Republican Party

Donald Trump

Mike Pence