Diet Obamacare 

By: Cody White

Today we are going to talk about everyone’s favorite topic, Obamacare. That’s right the only thing more controversial than what color the f-ing dress is.   (B-T-Dubs it is blue with black stripes.) Now with conservatives in control of all three branches of government, you would think that they would be putting in place, what for it…….. a conservative health care plan. You know one where the government is NOT involved in healthcare. One that allows for free market solutions. Like allowing people to buy whatever health care plan they want, and remove the restrictions on buying out of state health insurance. Here is one I like, allow organizations like AARP to buy health insurance in bulk. Kind of like Costco's but for old, sick people…. Now that I think about it Costco’s base is old people, but at least they are not sick. 

Anyways, we get diet Obamacare, which I think is way catchier than the title that the talking heads have giving it “Obamacare Lite.” Or as, Michael F. Cannon, the director of health-policy studies at the Libertarian Cato Institute, has put it “We’re not talking about a “repeal and replace” plan, here. This is a plan to entrench Obamacare’s worst features into federal law, permanently, by giving them a Republican imprimatur.” 

The only thing that this plan does that I like is it gets rid of the insurance mandate. Basically, you are no longer forced at gunpoint to buy health insurance. Okay fine, there are no guns involved, but you get the point. The problem is you still can not be denied for a pre-existing condition. Which I know you’re probably thinking right now that I believe we should deny sick people health insurance. And all though I don’t like this idea; we can not allow people to wait until they are diagnosed with a deadly and or costly disease to buy health insurance. Or allow people to bounce from insurance plan to insurance plan. 

What we should do is put in place a grace period in between changing or losing a job (along with the person’s health insurance plan) or when people leave their parent’s health insurance plan. During this time frame, no one can be denied for preexisting conditions.

Still, I was thrilled when I first learned that Obamacare was going away. But I would rather see the broken Obamacare system kept in place then this half-assed excuse for 
smaller government.  Hell, I would rather see socialized medicine put into place then this plan. In my not so humble opinion, the only thing worst then Big Government is Big Government pretending it’s Small Government. And, that is precisely what Republicans have been trying to do with the ObamaCare replacement bill. It is a big Government program playing dress up…. you know like five-year-olds do.Type your paragraph here.