RyanCare is Dead

By: Cody White
Friday, March 24, 2017

That’s right folks; diet Obamacare is deader than Han  Solo…. Too soon… yeah too soon. Perhaps some of the last remaining politicians who don’t suck tremendously have saved the day. What is next? Well according to soon to be former House Speaker Paul Ryan “we will be living with ObamaCare for the foreseeable future.” OH COME ON!!! Really, I was so thirled to find out this sad excuse for an ObamaCare replacement was dead in the water. But now according to WhinyMcRyan, they are not even going to try and replace ObamaCare. WTF! Seriously does the House only work 5 days out of the year. 

Paul Ryan- Well they don’t like my plane, so I am going home. 

Donald Trump- I don't lose, I never lose :(

Hey! you guys both promised to repeal this mofo so get back to work and do it. Collaborate with your colleagues and get this done. To quote my new favorite member of Congress “Do you even #schoolhouserock.” - Rep. Thomas Massie